Who We Are:

We are a small, black owned business located in Central Florida specializing in soy-para wax blend ceramic candles, tealight candles, wax melts, and car fresheners. We at Uphoria Candles strive to provide you with not only a candle, but a minimalist-luxe candle experience from the materials to the custom detailed packaging. We are determined to provide that quintessential feeling of serenity and satisfaction through our scents and products.


What We Do:

Our focus with our products is to create an invigorating and serene atmosphere with our scents. Meanwhile our sleek, minimalist design adds an aesthetically pleasing, yet unique touch to match any home’s decor style. Our ceramic candles have preferred color options so you can decide what color fits your desired aesthetic. Our candles, wax melts, and tealights are made in small batches to ensure prestige quality. Each of our products are hand poured, made with a custom soy-para wax blend, and are custom scent blends. 


Why We Use A Soy-Para Wax Blend:

As of March 2022, our products will no longer be made with 100% soy wax but instead a custom soy-para wax blend that's approximately 65% soy wax and 35% paraffin wax. Due to Florida's climate, which is where we are based, we have decided that using 100% soy was no longer what's best and suitable for our company's products. Soy wax is natural and has a low melting point on its own so using a soy-para wax blend ensures we are able to ship our products year round without the possibilities of melting, sweating, or crystallization. Using a custom blend of waxes will allow our products to reap the benefits of both the smooth creamy appearance of soy wax and the excellent scent throw that comes from paraffin wax. It's the best of both worlds!